Yolanda & Rubi Reyes

unnamed-1unnamed-3ArtFlying Yoga
Teaching Location: Lawn, Outside
Teaching Schedule: Saturday 11am-12pm
& Sunday 11am-12pm

Come Fly with Us! on an 
Aerial hammock!
This specialty workshop is a perfect introduction to the aerial hammock & Flying Yoga and will give you a taste of all the  basics.

This 60 minute workshop starts with a warm up that focuses on the muscles used in the air. Then you will learn basic safety warm-ups and skills on the aerial hammock, on the ground and up in the air. The class ends with conditioning exercises used by aerialist to promote strength, flexibility, and safety.

Reyes sisters are the Founders of Art Flying Yoga Studio in Torrance, CA. Yolanda has been teaching Zumba(r) since 2010. She loves dancing and is passionate about teaching any fitness classes while having fun and being safe! She has been practicing Yoga since 2008 and Aerial Yoga since 2012. 
Rubi Reyes (White Lotus Foundation/Aerial Arts) has been practicing and teaching yoga since 2005, and has created and developed programs such as Restorative Flying Yoga to help students  recover from injuries. In addition Rubi has developed and teaches flying yoga programs. (www.artflyingaerial.com)


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