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Herbs and Foods that Heal

We become the food we eat, our mind dictates what, how, when and why we eat. Like breath, food maintains balance and equilibrium, provides fuel and generates abundance in mind, body and spirit. On the other hand, food can be as destructive as constructive when it is not in accordance to our unique physical, emotional and spiritual constitution, lifestyle and true nature.

Herbs and foods go beyond making you feel content and full after a meal. They have magical effects both digestive and post digestive, that contribute and cooperate with our maintenance and healing abilities. The workshop helps understand the correlation between food, herbs and your unique constitution.


About Vandana:

Dana (Vandana) is a certified ayurvedic practitioner. Born and brought up in India, and having lived in LA for the past 30 years, she has studied with acclaimed teachers such as Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Vivek Shanbhag, Dr. Robert Svoboda including higher level ayurveda programs with Dr. Paranjape in Pune, India. Vandana practices yoga and meditation daily using classic techniques from the ancient texts as well as physical, active ones by teachers like Osho and Sri Sri Ravi Shanker.

Dana Tilak is also a trained Demartini Method® facilitator. She has worked with many people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages to the point of wisdom and certainty, dissolving fears, guilts, doubts and anything in one’s perception that is blocking the individual from moving forward. Over the years, Dana developed a keen interest in Hindu philosophy and the teachings and methods of Dr. John Demartini who brings a contemporary, modern approach to vedanta by synthesizing logic and science with physical and emotional well being.

Her vision and aptitude in combining the wisdom of Osho, the ancient science of Ayurveda and modern techniques brought forth by Dr. John Demartini have led her to help hundreds of clients in Orange County in all seven areas of life from the physical, emotional, familial, social, vocational, financial to the spiritual.

Dana lives and practices in Manhattan Beach, CA.

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