Tiffany Friedman

NotHot Bikram

This workshop will focus on the Bikram’s beginning series yoga class in a fun and motivating style. The series is 90 minutes, 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. This series works every system in your body and will focus on proper alignment, breathing technique and most important the “fun” aspect of visiting a Bikram Yoga “torture chamber”.  This experience is perfect for students wanting to try the Bikram sequence and learn about this system of yoga while in a fun and comfortable setting.  While the class will be warm (August in Southern California usually is!), the room will not be artificially heated.  You will also discuss the benefits of “hot yoga” and get answers to any questions you might have, following the series.

 Advanced Series Bikram

84 asanas make up the Bikram Advance Series. If you’ve never tried it before, this is a must.  The poses include everyday yoga poses and wildly challenging poses!  You are never pushed to do what you can’t do, and are welcome to watch a demonstration and then give it a go – within your comfort zone, of course. Tiffany’s friendly and playful approach will guide you to challenge yourself and you will find yourself surprised by what you can do and inspired to go further.  Backbends, headstands, handstands, shoulder stands, lotus, arm balances and more all show up in this Advance Series practice.

Tiffany’s bio:

Tiffany Friedman is the the Director of Bikram Yoga Manhattan Beach.

After a lengthy career as a professional dancer, actor and acrobat, she received her share of injuries and needed a healing method of exercise. She found Bikram Yoga and instantly became hooked. She has been practicing at least 5 times per week for 12 years.  Tiffany has a deep understanding of the yoga and a passion for sharing her knowledge with others. She has now owned the yoga studio in Manhattan Beach for nearly four years and is a certified Bikram Yoga instructor.

Tiffany  is inspired by her favorite teacher, Emmy Cleaves, who is still practicing and teaching at 85 years old. While Tiffany’s classes are tough and she is a stickler for precise practice, she injects a healthy dose of humor into her classes as well. The sequence itself can be difficult enough, so she wants you to smile and enjoy your practice.  She teaches kids classes, prenatal classes as well as the Beginning series of Bikram Yoga.  Her passion for yoga gives her a thrill as she shares her knowledge with as many students as possible.

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