Thomas Widdison

Slackline Yoga
Teaching Loaction: Lawn, Outside
Teaching Schedule: Friday 11:30 am – Close
Saturday 8:30am- close
Sunday 8:30am – close   

We guarantee that you will learn to SLACK in 60 minutes, or your money back!!! The Slackline Series is a unique practice that teaches complete body awareness, helping you to redefine your sense of balance and mental focus. Slacklining is great for yogis, climbers, couch potatoes, and athletes of all kinds.

In this 60 minute playshop you’ll learn the basics of the Slackasana series. This includes standing (commitment), kneeling (core strength), sitting (focus), arm balancing (breath), as well as exercises for more seasoned slackers to expand their comfort zone on the line. All skill levels encouraged to come. No experience necessary.



About Thomas:


slackline class1



Tom’s theory is the best things in life are barefoot, having a big smile, and outside playing like a kid. Two out of three and happily chasing the third is not a bad place to be. Tom finds great fun and joy in yoga, rock climbing (what he calls vertical yoga), partner acrobatics, acroyoga and slackline yoga. He loves the art of finding your yoga practice outside with all these, your breath on a steep rock wall, balance and connection in acrobatics, stillness and concentration in slackline yoga.

He has taken the 2011 Yogaslackers training and continues to blend all these things into everyday play.

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