The Source Of Paint And Sip In Melbourne, Australia

The idea of combining painting with a glass of wine or other beverages started in a small studio outside Birmingham, Alabama. Wendy Lovoy quit her job to focus on a career as a painter. She was 28 years old. Wendy began to pursue a career as a painter by organizing a class for both kids and adults. Click here to learn more about Paint and Sip in Melbourne.

In 2002, she noticed that adults were taking too much time to finish their paintings. She was disturbed. Therefore, she started looking for a way to gain adult’s attention. She tried many strategies to ensure that everyone around her enjoys the joy in artistic work. At a point in her life, she found out that painting is quite interesting and simple. Wendy believes that everyone can engage in this artwork without stress.

However, she focuses more on gaining adult’s attention because she saw it as a problem that could be solved. One day, Lovoy was having a drink, and the thought of creating a drawing came to her mind. She picked all the necessary tools, and she started drawing and painting. After a while, she finished the artwork, and she noticed that she could perform better. The outcome of her artwork that day was just too outstanding.

Therefore, she thought of introducing this unique way of learning to engage adults in creating something unique and having fun at the same time. Then, she named it “Paint and sip.” Ever since then, paint and sip have taken over to be among the best to have fun creatively. Not only that, those that started the paint and sip class with Wendy Lovoy were astonished by this unique way of having fun. People began to testify about how paint and sip have helped them meet new friends and solve some of their psychological ailments.  You can read about Top incredible benefits of hosting a virtual paint and sip party by visit at

Therefore, this idea begins to spread all over the world. Today, there are countless paint and sip studios. 

The first paint and sip in Melbourne, Australia, started nine years ago.  However, Cork and canvas is the first paint and sip in Melbourne and Australia. They are located in South Melbourne, Australia.

Cork and canvas form art in a stress-free atmosphere simplified by various local artists and art instructors. They were the first studio to start paint and sip in Melbourne, and they serve as an open gate for others to follow in Australia till today. Melinda Janiszewski founded Cork and canvas. Melinda noticed a gap in having fun in Australia in a creative way.

She started the idea nine years ago, and she took it up and faced the challenges of introducing something new to the Australians. Therefore, Cork and Canvas launched five years ago. People began to have fun creatively, then the paint and sip in Melbourne started spreading to other regions in Australia.

Cork and Canvas deliver fun art sessions to guests in Melbourne and beyond. With Cork and Canvas, you’ll be sure to have a fun and creative experience. You can spend some quality time with friends and family. Also, there’s a chance of connecting with people and having a new relationship with people.

What are the benefits that paint and sip have brought to Melbourne?

Paint and sip in Melbourne has brought benefits that no one could ever imagine. It later became a powerful instrument to solve people’s emotional problems. People that are depressed begins to consider paint and sip as a remedy. Of course, it is therapeutic. Engaging in paint and sip in Melbourne, there’s separation to what has been registered on the mind. Paint and sip in Melbourne is a unique way of engaging people in doing something new and creative with a lot of fun.

The attention that a man would place on achieving something unique at the end of the paint and sip class is enough to pull out other things that might be hindering the mind from feeling free before the commencement of the class.

Also, paint and sip in Melbourne have helped people in Melbourne to stay connected with each other. The level of socialization is increasing daily in Melbourne. You will meet new friends during the paint and sip session.

Paint and sip in Melbourne have improved people’s self-confidence. People with low self-esteem will think they can’t engage in the artwork. Since the inception of paint and sip in Melbourne, people can boast different artwork levels. The introduction of paint and sip in this region has, one way or the other, contributes to increasing people’s self-confidence. This is possible because paint and sip is a step-by-step process of the artwork. No one will help you to draw. You only need to follow the instructions given to you by the instructor, and you will end up creating something unique, all by yourself.

Paint and sip in Melbourne is fun. With a glass of wine or other beverages, you will feel relax and comfortable. The fun in paint and sip helps in reducing the stress that is naturally connected with the artwork. 

Paint and sip in Melbourne has improved people’s psychomotor skills. Countless people in Melbourne has a low motor coordination skill. Therefore, the coming of paint and sip in Melbourne has improved people’s motor skills. Don’t forget that you will hold a paintbrush and you will do the artwork by yourself. With that said, no one will engage in paint and sip without developing strength in their motor skill.

Also, people in Melbourne are familiar with different stories. During the paint and sip class in Melbourne, the instructor will first narrate the artwork like a story before the artwork fully begins. 

Therefore, these benefits have paved the way for the countless establishment of paint and sip in Melbourne. Today, paint and sip studios have taken over the whole of Australia as a unique way of having fun and been creative at the same time.


It is expedient for you to know the origin of paint and sip in Melbourne. You might be seeing people rushing to paint and sip studio. A few hours later, you see them with a smile on their faces. With this short history, you also can join them in adding to your creative skills.