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Welcome South Bay Bohemians and Lovers All things Sensual and Sacred! Sandy&Me_CatalinaCoffee

We hope this note finds you South Bay yogis and beyond in good health and spirits.

Thank you again for the enthusiastic welcome from so many.  We are beyond excited to introduce ourselves and share a little about our journey to The South Bay Yoga Conference.

Sandy and I met by chance, or let’s admit Divine Design.  Montego Bay, Jamaica set the scene at the 2012 Caribbean Yoga Conference. We first met in a delicious Iyengar class.  Neither of us are instinctively drawn to the discipline of Iyengar, but that was the stage set for our moment of Union= Yoga.  We both followed the whispers which led us independently to the auspicious Yoga Angels class and to one another.

The following year, serendipity would find us coming together, completely unplanned, at the 2013 South Bay Yoga Conference. Neither of us lived in California in 2012 upon our original meeting, but by summer 2013 Miami(Sandy) and DC (Ieshia) had both transplanted to South Bay LA. The third encounter was the charm, a random meeting on the street in Redondo Beach in 2015. This was no longer coincidence, but true co- incidence, our angles were meant to fit together for a higher purpose that neither could longer ignore!

Sandy  and I believe authenticity is the greatest expression of healthy living! We truly believe that it is our mind that colors our perceptions and defines our experiences physically and emotionally. Authentic people tend to make wiser choices about sustainable living (methods that encourage an alkaline body, relaxed mind, buoyant spirits and eco-friendly environments). Learning to tame the mind with a faithful yoga and meditation practice is a great start down the road to authentic living, after all “mind tricks the body and breath lifts the spirit”. We have united forces and merged our wills to produce the South Bay Yoga Conference 2016. This is a great opportunity to serve our community! We are working to create a comprehensive weekend of Yoga Education through tactile fun!!!

Our hopes are to introduce you to amazing local and international Yoga instructors, different styles of Yoga therapy, old school and high tech Wellness workshops, Music, Local Experts, Vendors and so much more!!

Yoga is for everyone and everyBody.

Taking the time and doing the work to discover who you are as a Light Being requires intention and effort.  America looks toward Los Angeles to lead the way in fitness ingenuity. South Bay residents are leaders at driving change in the health and wellness arena. The South Bay Yoga Conference 2016 is our opportunity to showcase local sustainable living businesses and service providers including a world class Marketplace to stock up on all the natural soaps, hemp apparel, toxic free skincare, essential oils to balance your chakras, and of course yoga pants for days!

We want to take this opportunity to thank Jules Mitchell for opening her heart and entrusting us to take over one of her favorite projects.

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Om Shantih Shantih Shantih – peace peace peace

Namaste, Ieshia Alley & Sandy Papadimitriou Executive Directors SBYC

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