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No matter how experienced you are as a yoga practitioner, taking your practice onto a stand-up paddleboard is a new experience. Seasoned yogis often come to their paddle board and discover that it’s like stepping on the mat for the first time. The unstable surface of the water encourages one to mindfully connect with their breath and to engage those small stabilizer muscles like never before. Reinvigorate your yoga practice up on a SUP and transform your flow.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you will become familiar with balancing on your board and you’ll be happy to have some play time to practice some of your favorite poses towards the end of this class.  Groups of ten will be taken onto the water from Tarsan to an area where all will anchor down and be led through a typical yoga class that includes breath work, mindfulness, flow, and ends with a Savanna.  Sunscreen, a swimsuit, a bottle of water, and sunglass/ hat are highly suggested.  SUP Yoga class will be hosted by Tarsan in Redondo Beach, and the class will be lead by Beach Cities Yoga, weather permitting. 
Call 310-500-0770 for any questions.

img_4850About the Teachers: Natasha and Bianca met in Hermosa Beach through mutual circles of friends while enjoying their avid beach lifestyles that include volleyball, paddle boarding, and of course, yoga.  Natasha and Bianca realized they shared many common interests and philosophies in life.  Both have backgrounds in healthcare and both strongly believe that healthy functioning in individuals results not only from sustaining a healthy physique but also by maintaining emotional well-being and a robust social life.  Natasha and Bianca were inspired to create a yoga business that enables others to enhance these essential elements through the practice of yoga and by creating an environment that would encourage social connections among members.  Beach Cities Yoga (BCY) isn’t just a studio….it’s a beach lifestyle.  BCY offers a diversity of studio classes as well as outdoor classes such as beach yoga, SUP (standup paddleboard) yoga, and beach volleyball.  The studio also has plans to meld yoga with group hikes, biking sessions, and other outdoor social activities.  All classes focus on physical and mental strength, balance, and mindfulness just as one would on a yoga mat! 

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