Tana Pitman

Enriching Mind, Body and Spirit

w/the Pharmacy of Nature

Teaching Schedule:
Sunday 3:30-5pm  images

Yin Yoga class incorporating Essential oils. During the long holds of yin yoga poses the inner ‘juice’ of the mind and body begin to flow. These long Asana holds are a perfect time to use Mother Natures Essential oils to go in and dig deep to unlock healing potential, release limiting beliefs, increase spiritual awareness and connect with our life’s purpose. This class will be interactive, educational and bring rejuvenation.



About Tana: Tana004

Tana has acquired three 200 hour Yoga Certifications, Bikram, Anusara/Hatha and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Trained in Yin Yoga in 2014. This is this great mix of Yoga styles that creates an informative, therapeutic and spiritual experience in each class. With 18 years teaching experience, classes have a natural, intuitive flow, leaving everyone blissful. Organized and created healing retreats in Costa Rica, Cozumel and Buena Vista, Colorado. Practice continues through attending classes and trainings, reading, and daily spiritual practice or Sadhana. Tana opened The Butterfly Yoga Club in May of 2013; it is a place of great healing to all who visit.

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