We’ve been asked…how can I support SBYC?

“Like pyramids we are here to harness and amplify our magnetic energy fields to share and shine our brightest light.” ~ ShaktiMamma


You can help us expand our reach in the following ways:

  • emailing your list about our event
  • linking to our website on your website (we can supply you with our logo)
  • displaying our print material
  • distributing our print material
  • sharing about our event on social media
  • talking about the SBYC to anyone and everyone


You can create opportunities for your business/organization and for the SBYC through our ticket donations.  We generously donate tickets to your fundraiser, auction, benefit, or contest as an incentive for your customers and clients.  Each ticket we donate has $69 value and is good for 3 classes Featured classes over the weekend, plus access to many FREE and demonstration classes and demonstations.  Fill out the form below with your ideas and someone will get back to you within 72 hours.

Ideas include:

  • silent auction at your own event
  • refer a friend to your business and enter to win a ticket
  • purchase a package or series of your service and win a ticket
  • join your mailing list and enter to win a ticket


Finally, we invite you to request a sponsorship/exhibition package.  Visit our website or email us and we will send you information on our opportunities including:

  • banner ads on our website
  • your logo on our print material and marketplace page
  • exhibitor/vending booths to sell your product and services
  • attendant badge sponsorship
  • VIP meet and greet sponsorship
  • gift back inserts for all attendants

We welcome creative thinking and new ideas and encourage you to share your visions with us.


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