The simplest translation of the word Sukha is “the joy of life.”

The opposite of Sukha is finding yourself in a “bad space,” Dukha, or stinking thinking that depletes energy and robs us of joy.

Sukha is the state of being in your zone, a “good space,” and this ensemble of Mantra Rock healers are prepared to do just that! Soothing our sometimes ravaged Southbay souls with healing music.

Accompanying the Ultraviolet vocal stylings of Sukhmani are the inventive additions of an electric guitar, harp, percussion and violin. Sukha takes Kirtan to another level of  devotion through these modern additions to ancient mantra and frequency arrangements.


The band is made richer by the additional talents of:

Eliza Shah, Stefanosis Hansraj Singh and Kenneth Oberholtzer


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Their newest offering Rise is on sale NOW! Here’s a taste







About Sukha:



Sukhmani (Nicole) and Sukhman (Steven), the founding husband and wife team, met in Boston in the late 1990’s and have been writing and playing music ever since! Once they discovered the beauty of Kundalini Yoga in 2009, they knew they wanted to help inspire others through Kundalini Yoga music, mantra and sound. Sukhmani is also an active E-RYT, Kundalini Yoga teacher in Southern California and Sukhman is an avid yogi.



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