Stephany Estrin

Stephany Estrin

      Hips Don’t Lie
Teaching Schedule:
Sunday 12-1:30pm

Belly dance originated in India well over 5,000 years ago. Talk about ancient medicine! It was developed as a religious dance performed by temple Priestess in fertility rituals.

The perfect rhythmic way to “unwind the spine,” and stimulate the 2nd Chakra.
It served to prepare women for the marathon of labor and childbirth and was once customary in every delivery space. As this sultry, yet practical mind body practice spread through India into Egypt, north Africa and eventually Europe, Belly dance lent favor to modern Flamenco dance, and is more famously called Raks Sharki (dance of the East) in  Arabic. Steeped in a long and fluid history of international controversy and allure. This is an excellent workshop to integrate a new inspired work out regiment, gain poise, expand your moving meditation while making friends and releasing those tight hips!

 Perfect for Prenatal Yoginis gearing up for the big life shift.

Have fun with this and bring along your colorful scarves and belly dance bells…..

About Stephany:


Stephany Estrin started her dance career back in 2009 when she discovered her passion for Belly Dance. She trained with multiple instructors which had a part in creating her unique style in this beautiful Egyptian Dance. Stephany was a member of a successful belly dance group which traveled and performed in shows, featured in DVDs, TV and music videos. Her group competed and has won many awards including being crowned “USA Belly Dance Queen” in the troupe category in 2014. Over the years Stephany has worked with multiple music producers, one of them being the highly regarded Dr Samy Farag. Stephany has danced in multiple productions and DVDs of Dr Samy Farag. Stephany went on to become a soloist performing regularly. Stephany teaches belly dance classes on a weekly basis and as well as teaching workshops at events and congresses. Stephany is currently training her advanced students to perform and eventually teach and spread her passion of this beautiful art form.
Stephany’s dance training doesn’t just stop there, after completing an extensive teacher training course developed by Shani Mayer and Ivo Vieira, she has earned an ISDC Zouk and Kizomba instructor certification and currently teaches with them in the LA area. She has also traveled to Brazil to train with the Brazilian Zouk legend Renata Peçanha, dubbed the “Queen of Brazilian Zouk,” at her academy in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, focusing on both leading and following. Stephany directs a beginner zouk team along with Marissa Rivera in the Long Beach area. Stephany loves sharing her knowledge, training and passion for dance.
“A dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet, and a passion for life.”

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