Stef Heinz

stef heinzBreath with Stef Yoga Class

Take a journey within. A time to practice unconditional love. Yoga is for everyone…no competition, no comparisons. Stef is elated to guide you to awareness of your breath and bodily sensations as you practice conscious movement and stillness throughout this one hour Hatha yoga class. Wonderful for all levels.

About Stef:

Stef experienced her first yoga class 17 years ago, a year after she began studying texts of healing and wisdom. She remembers her very first yoga teacher reminding her often that this was her journey, a unique experience. After years of classes, workshops and trainings, she believes it is still the best advice to practice yoga.

Stef began attending Vipassana 10-day silent meditation retreats 7 years ago and continues to mentor with senior teachers weekly since becoming a certified teacher in early 2010. She is a thoughtful teacher that loves to share her passion and studies about growing a healthy mind and body. When she says ‘Namaste’, she truly means it…she sees and honors the very best in you on your unique journey.

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