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" All extra data is useful."
                “All extra data is useful.”

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Monday March 6th
What I Forgot to Remember….

Ever wonder why totalitarian regimes immediately ban music when engaging in campaigns of oppression? Even the “bad guys”  are keenly aware that life IS vibration, frequency, harmony and rhythm!
Last week while meandering along my personal  Shakti Yoga Trip
I found myself at the shore of the Pacific ocean for several hours in quiet reverent appreciation of the natural and manmade beauty at that time in that space. One morning along the esplanade, the dolphins presented themselves undulating and frolicking close to the shoreline. Their slick skins glistening in the rays of light, completely in harmony with one another. In another instance, I tune into the majesty of the pelicans and seagulls;  watching them take off, tuned into the frequency of the air and water waves, plugging in and coasting along the sea breeze with little effort and maximum results. Their efforts are not contrived or filled with agitation… from take off to landing, spontaneously blissful.

The Chinese call this We Wei~ effortless effort.
When the art of becoming the circle trumps the insanity and mania of running around in one.

Facing the labyrinth that is life, it is apparent that like in life, the path to enlightenment is an individual path. No matter who, where or under what circumstances we begin our journey, the path eventually becomes solo. The corridors narrow over time as options seem fewer and opportunities lost. The egress and ingress’s  of life sometimes become horrifically congested, then in an unexplained instant the clouds part and ease of life reigns supreme again.
I once pranced the Dance of Lila at the Peace Awareness Garden’s internal labyrinth and  noticed that the more my focus became on solving the puzzle and arriving at the destination, the more I was looking down at the ground with a grimace on my face and less time looking up at the heavenly cloudless blue sky or around at the high frequency hummingbirds dancing about in the ether. I forgot to tap into the resonant vibration of the gently falling water into exquisite water fixtures. I forgot to absorb the scents of our exotic flora friends inhabiting the lush grounds. Looking at my toes and counting my steps I had forgotten to tune into the whispers of the chimes singing in the wind.  My intention to win the game while making no misteps and avoiding all quagmires had taken me off the path of peace and landed me in the ‘hood of pissed off and overwhlemed….. then I asked, who am I competing with?
What prize would I win? What’s the rush?
Enlightenment is the path, not the destination. Enlightenment is the state of grace that resides in the realm of Theta. (imo)
In that instant, I took take a deep breath,  looked up and looked around to observe the phenomenon of life “dancing” around me. I no longer needed to calculate every step, no longer second guessing every possibility nor consorting with radical hesitation and doubts stemming from fear, lack or inadequacy. As I continued on the winding labyrinth path, my attention became less on the labyrinth itself and more on the scenery we had become apart of.  My steps were flowing, each one more confident that the ((((FORCE))) walks with me…. Before I knew it, I became lighter on my feet and in my heart. In that instant I decided to no longer walk the path, but to add a little pep to my celestial steps. I began to skip, hop, twirl  my way thru the labyrinth with Full abandon. In the peaceful surrounding of this space my awareness was raised, and I remember what I had forgotten…. how to be light as a feather  happy and free.

The Dance of Lila encompasses all elements of timing… vibration, rhythm, frequency and harmony.

Think of the Dance of Lila as the Divine (((FORCE))) taking a physical form in order to experience the interplay between the elements of the Universe….the remembering, the tango of Shakti and Shiva resulting in Lila. This question was posed to me many years ago while I was Shakti Yoga trippin in Egypt, “who am I and what am I to remember?”  I, like many of you,  may realize that you have been lost or at least roaming aimlessly wandering thru the galaxy. The current geopolitical climate may have your parasympathetic nervous system on high alert.
Your mission in 2017, should you choose to accept it,  is to meditate and remember who you Divinely are and experience your true nature. As we close up Quarter 1 and enter spring like a Lioness (Lion), some will walk the path, others will run, but I like to skip, flip and dance to unwind my spine!  Let us not forget to remember.

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that you can do anything.”

Friday May 6th

Let the Freak Out Begin!  everyBody_Yoga

Calme vouz (calm down) Beachside Bohemians, guess what? Real Yogis have curves.
Spring has arrived and the maddening   yearly ritual of shedding the pounds added during winter hibernation and holidays. Spring is about the time those yearly gym memberships and Fitness groups ramp up and if I remember correctly from my days of Yoga studio proprietorship, classes and workshops blast off!

Ladies and Gentlemen relax…. Real Yogis have Curves.
There is a prevailing misconception that yoga is for lean mean athletic machines.
Jedis and Avatars who posses a Superhuman knowledge of love, patience, compassion, the process of levitation and how to maintain great butts! Not so much mere mortals, we are you. Freaked out, fallible with lives and bodies replete with curves.
Yes, the curves appear not only on our bodies, our daily lives are replete with curves and concavities. Lifelines are rarely straightforward depending on your chosen path, the archs and bends may even be hairpins. Exhale….Hold tight without fright, yoga to the rescue.
Yogis come in a variety of shapes and sizes and no matter how frequent the asana practice, or how hot the room is heated, not all yogis are intended to be a size 6 arm balancing Diva! That is not the goal or purpose of a faithful yoga practice. Yoga is a spiritual practice.

Master Yoda reminds the Jedis in his trainings, “judge me by my size, do not.”
The ancient Gurus liken the fluctuations of the mind to a DRUNKEN MONKEY BITTEN BY A SCORPION. It’s crazy if you don’t learn to tame it. This is yet another reason the Jedis convene on the mat to strengthen our #mindtricks, after all mind tricks the body.  It is on the mat where we develop and reinforce the tools and techniques to quiet the noise and tune into the Divine signals of the THE FORCE. Not to shrink our shapely thighs or bountiful bottoms, after all the butt implant industry is doing quite well in America. It’s a matter of remembering the mind and how to best apply the energy of this complex and powerful tool at our disposal. So remain calm and keep practicing at an appropriate pace, no need to force feed your body extra long walks, ½ marathon trainings and Master inversion classes. Slow and steady wins the race, no need for the Spring Freak Out.  Each new spring day is a time to start your practice off right, open your eyes, greet the day with deep cleansing breaths, a few asana and an attitude of gratitude. A petite yoga practice Before you even lift off the bed- Yoga is  or everyBody and applicable everyWhere, right!

As master Yoda affirms, “luminous beings are we… not this crude matter.”

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