Grace Oh and Helane Anderson

Release & Unwind
with Grace Oh and Helane Anderson
Teaching schedule: Sunday 4pm – 5:30pm

Grace & HelaneSound Healing and Therapy is a healing modality that uses various instruments and tools such as crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, rattles and shakers, singing/voice and tuning forks to activate, move blockages and create deep relaxation in the mind and body. Sound waves are matter so the vibration creates physical movement in the body allowing the nervous system to flow more freely. The specific sounds of the tuning forks and bowls, as well as the gongs, create overtones and sound waves that relax the mind. Often people experience a journey into a dream state during a sound session or sound bath, old memories or current emotional feelings may come to the surface and as in meditation, release and let go. The sound waves create a blanket for the listener to go deep into oneself and experience whatever that person chooses to receive in the present moment.



Sample the sounds…..


Frequency & Vibration = Healing Sound



About Grace:

Grace Oh

Grace’s journey into sound therapy started in 2010, with one crystal singing bowl and the intent for personal healing. Her studies in Sound Therapy, Reiki and Polarity has given her the tools to using sound and elements of energy work in all her sessions. This summer she will be training with Jonathan Goldman and certified with the Sound Healing Association.




About Helane:

Helane is certified in Sound Healing & Sound Therapy through the Globe Sound & Consciousness imgres-2
Institute in San Francisco, CA and has taken further sound healing classes with Dr. John Beaulieu, creator of Biosonics Tuning Forks, and Jamie Bechtold in Los Angeles, CA. She is also a classically trained singer and pianist and has been creating music since she can remember. For Helane, Sound Healing brings in her musical nature and combines it with her intention to bring more love, light and joy to people through healing.


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