Soul Garden

Start Your Day Guided Meditation Class with Live Music

Join us for a soulful, mind exploring journey of meditation, music & sub-conscious imagery.  Let go of earthly inhibitions and enter a realm of deep relaxation as Jenn Tamera, certified Aka Dua healer guides you with her soothing healing energetic voice through a heart expanding exercise tailored for novices and experts alike. Musician / composer Aaron Arredondo will be present to create a sonic sound scape to accompany the meditation. He will be weaving melodic tones & sub-harmonic frequencies to create a pulsating sensory experience that will reach the very depths of our hearts and souls.

Soul Lifting Musical Performance

Soul Garden weaves together sound vibrations that touch your heart, mind, body & soul. Move and groove to the soulful voice of Jenn Tamera combined with Aaron Arredondo’s backdrop of music. Soul Garden brings together electronic beats with live drums, guitar, singing bowls, and more.

Soul Garden closed out last years South Bay Yoga Conference, and we’re so excited to have them grace our stage again.

Soul Garden is available for performances at festivals, sacred music events, yoga studios, and private events. Soul Garden also specializes in customized meditations and techniques for special needs.

About Soul Garden:

Soul Garden unites the healing talents of Jenn Tamera and Aaron Arredondo. These lovers united in early 2011 and soon found their passions could be combined to foster healing.

Jenn Tamera is a Yoga Instructor, Bodywork Practitioner & Energy Healer. Her experiences have helped her weave together the body- mind-spirit connection. Through meditation, she has been able to delve even deeper into this connection, and she is delighted to share the gift of meditation and yoga with anyone who wishes to receive it.

Aaron Arredondo is a musician/producer with a firm belief that music can heal. He has partnered with Jenn to provide a musical backdrop for her guided meditations, yoga and energy work. By blending the rich tones of classical guitar with the hypnotic pulses of electronic music, Aaron creates a sonic soundscape for the soul.

Jenn and Aaron are also certified Aka Dua Energy Work Practitioners and they use their unique skills and connection to compose layers of healing energy into their meditations and music.

The couple lives together at Soul Garden Space in Torrance, Ca, where their mantra is to nurture seeds of love and creativity. Here they encourage community to come together to cultivate their passions and purpose. Soul Garden Space serves as their home, way of life, and business venture.

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