Soul Fitness LA

Women’s Self Defense and Yin Yoga with Live Violin music
soul-fitness-laTeaching Location: Outdoor Studio
Schedule: Friday 2:30pm – 3:45pm followed by Yin 4pm – 5:30pm

About the course:
You will be trained in how to escape the most common attacks you may face against an aggressor, such as being grabbed by the wrist, pulled by your hair, bear hugged from behind, choked, or pinned down.  This training will help you develop a situational awareness, allowing you to recognize and avoid dangerous situations before they ever happenbrandon-wanta
Here’s a link to a sample video:

About the instructor:  Brandon Wanta is a 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido, trained under the prestigious Grand Master Tae Man Kwon. Master Kwon, who has taught in the South Bay for over 40 years, recently retired. To honor him, carry on his teachings, and keep our women safe and confident, Mr. Wanta has developed Head Up Defense. Brandon has been teaching hapkido at Master Kwon’s for over 3 years, and has now decided to created this self-defense course for women who do not necessarily with to learn martial arts, or how to fight, but none-the-less should learn to defend themselves. By merging what he has learned in hapkido with other knowledge acquired over the years, he has developed a simple course that all women can benefit from.

 Yin/Restorative with Soothing Live Violin Music (Friday 4pm- 5:30pm)

What to expect:We all know how Yin/Restorative classes help take us to that next level of relaxation while the body is slowly opening up.
Research shows that music does not affect the way you feel, but does create certain movements in the brain that induce certain emotions. As we let the body open up, soothing live violin music will help you take you to that next level of letting go, not just with physically, emotionally and mentally as well.  We’ll provide you a safe place for you to release any unwanted tension that the body and the mind may be holding in.  Prepare yourself to truly unplug and allow yourself fully inhale the power of the soothing live violin
If it is chilly, bring socks and sweatshirt.  You will definitely still feel the stretching and body will slowly open up. You will continue to focus on your breath throughout.  You may even be a little sore the next day from the deep stretching.brandon-wanta-2

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