Shakti NAAM™ YOGA & The Conscious Groove

Shakti Naam Yoga™ , Aromatherapy & The Conscious Groove
Friday 12-1:30pm
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sound grooveRaise your voltage and tune into your Shakti vibration with this transformational live music experience.  Naam is the frequency, vibration, or Logos that connects us as One.  Get ready to chant, breathe, dance, and shift into your highest potential.  With the guidance of the plants and the trees, this experience will send you to a mystical and majestic portal of the heart.  Open and expand your entire being with Shakti Naam Yoga™ set to the live rhythms of The Conscious Groove, and receive the very powerfulWisdom of the Earth™ plant medicine.


All Levels Are Welcome! 



About Joshua & Lemia

Joshua & Lemia

California natives, Lemia and Joshua are a joyful married couple who Love learning and sharing the giftsof ancient wisdom from eastern and western traditions, bringing unity consciousness to their classes, concerts, workshops, trainings, and retreats.  Through their devotional practice of Naam Yoga, the yoga of universal ONEness and Love through breath, sacred sound, movement, and Divine Spiritual Wisdom, Lemia and Joshua offer a dynamic and playful setting for transformational growth.  They bring their passion and Love for the plants and trees into every environment through the ancient practice of anointing.  Lemia and Joshua are grateful for every breath and look forward to connecting with you on a heart level soon!

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