Saturday Schedule


Our event is unique in that you won’t be preregistering for classes.  This system rocks because:

  • You can change your mind as many times as you want, even up the last second!
  • All classes and teachers are equal in value and experience.
  • If you meet a teacher at the conference that you like, you can take his/her class.
  • If the class you want is full, you might end up in a totally cool class that you would have never taken otherwise!
  • You can skip class and enjoy the marketplace and demonstration tents knowing you can always pick up another class in the next session.

That being said, if you MUST attend a particular class, get there early 🙂

In future years, as our event grows, we won’t have the luxury of such an open schedule.
Enjoy the freedom!

Saturday September 24, 2016

8:30am  – 8pm 

Classes on the yoga schedule require an Event Pass

For those just wanting to visit the Marketplace

we offer free sessions to the public over the weekend.


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