Sara Krish

Set Your Goals on Fire
Teaching Schedule:
Saturday 1:45-3:15pm


Feeling stuck, lost, and uncertain of what’s next? Ready to create a life that lights you up and has you jumping out of bed in the morning with excitement? If so, join this 90 minute “Set Your Goals on Fire” workshop where you’ll rediscover your passions and dreams, gain tools to set powerful goals, and become reacquainted with the amazing Warrior that you are!  


About Sara: 

Sara’s coaching strategy is inspired by her Master’s level education in psychology as well as a life changing journey and personal triumph over cancer. Years of practicing her own methods in an effort to overcome hardship and maintain a positive outlook have provided Sara with an authenticity, empathy, and understanding that allows her to create powerful connections, offer valuable guidance, and generate successful outcomes with those she works with. 


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