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The Art of Being and Breathing

“Being” Yoga means to be able to connect with your peaceful core during daily life.  So often, we leave our relaxation practice for the end of a yoga class, then forget how to access this calm when we need it the most to help us respond from a place of peaceful awareness, whether at work, at home, or during other activities.  This unique workshop will focus on breathing practices, with a hint of asana, and a dose of fun self-reflection and inquiry.  The breath is the key link between mind and body, let’s explore it and learn to create relaxation, to enhance energy, to cultivate a focused yoga mind.  Or just come and chillax!

Pain in the Neck?

How does your neck feel in daily life? Does it feel better or worse in yoga class?

The issues are in the tissues!  This workshop will lead an inquiry into the practice of Yoga as a mind/body discipline, focusing on improving the postures of the head and neck.  Learn how to identify your habits and move to a new place.  Explore the practice of yoga on and off the yoga mat in fun, practical and inspiring ways to keep your yoga neck healthy and your attitude fresh. You will learn how to use yoga therapeutically to create more ease in the cervical spine, and shoulders, skills to improve your postural awareness, breathing to release neck tension.

Bring your mat, your curiosity and your cameras!


About Rana:

Rana Waxman is a registered Yoga Therapist.  Her own love of Yoga began in the late 1990’s and she has been teaching ever since.  Rana’s extensive background in somatics and practice as a licensed massage therapist, have earned her the nickname “the muscle whisperer”.  She is well-known in her home city, Montreal, as being a pioneer of bilingual Yoga TV, with her show, “Yoga Chez Vous” which translates to “Yoga At Your Home”.  Rana believes that Yoga is a system which is accessible to everyone, although not a one-size fits all practice.  Her specialty is seeing the unique needs of each individual and tailoring the yoga practices that will help empower her students to lead meaningful lives off the mat.  Rana is a regular contributor to MindBodyGreen, Greenster, Elephant Journal, and CaféTruth and is often called the “Modern Yogini”.  Her inspired style blends, vinyasa, kinetic skills, alignment and restorative work.  Rana sees and teaches Yoga as an unfolding meditation in motion, leading to improved performance, posture, and peaceful positivity.

Rana has just released her CD, YOGA MIND available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ranawaxman a combination of breathing practices, visualization, meditation and relaxation to help you access your inner peaceful core.


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