Puja Seth and Dawn Torres

PujaDawnSinging Bowls

Through the use of finely tuned singing bowls, Dawn and Puja create an atmosphere of calm, yet activating energy. Each individual will either sit upright or lie down in meditation and let the vibration of sound take over. The vibration of singing bowls offers an opportunity for the cellular body to restore and energize its natural flow. The harmony of sounds immediately calms the body and brain, regardless of individual tension or restlessness. When the body is in pain or simply feeling unbalanced, the cells within the body function at a low frequency. Sound therapy is used to stimulate the frequency of the cells by emanating a strong vibration that is sent directly into the body, activating the blood circulation, oxygen flow and cellular memories. The singing bowls’ vibrations are soothing enough to calm the most sensitive nervous systems, yet powerful enough to penetrate into the bones. Vibrations can travel into places one could never touch with the hands, to encourage a healing that would be very difficult to create otherwise. It’s an effective tool to stimulate a quick tune-up or work toward a total overhaul.


About Puja:Puja

Puja is a celebrated yoga teacher known for her integrative healing therapies, heart-centered style and inspirational approach to teaching. Her yoga classes integrate dynamic movement with freestyle dance and a vibrant playlist. She centers her teachings around the heart-space, providing contemplative thoughts and movements with the application of meditations, prayer, sound therapy and other healing modalities to help open the heart into a place of release, clarity and illumination. As an active voice in integrative therapies, she works closely with a neuro-oncologist to further develop her research in effective and sustainable healing treatments.  Puja advocates for practicality in her teachings and lifestyle. She believes if healing is not practical, it won’t be used. She personally consults with individuals working toward total wellness and develops specialized treatments and counsel for each person.

She has worked extensively with some of the largest yoga organizations in the US, helping develop their advanced training programs, including immersion retreats and teacher trainings. She has also co-created Dakini Sacred Yoga with her soul-sister, Dawn Torres, and continues to work with cutting edge healing therapies and developing programs to awaken the heart into a state of joy, freedom and laughter.


About Dawn: Dawn

Dawn is renowned for her pivotal work in healing, energy medicine and innovative community outreach yoga programs throughout the Pacific Northwest. She came into yoga through an empathic search to find her breath. Having been diagnosed with severe asthma as an infant, Dawn grew up knowing full-well the restrictions of her life because of her condition. Discovering her yoga practice, many years later, was literally her breath of fresh air. Her struggle, and her healing, were very visceral experiences. The connection she had drawn from her healing developed into an acute sense of empathy for others and their unspoken troubles. She worked with some of the greatest teachers throughout the world to develop her natural sensitivity toward empathic energy and has now created one of the most sought-after healing programs in her area.

Dawn works with many healing modalities to customize treatments for her students.  Her training in sound therapy with Master teacher Suren Shreshtha instilled a deep respect of the healing power of the Tibetan Bowls. This sacred art is a transformational tool in shifting us from the outer noise and over stimulation to the tranquility only available through our internal landscape.
Dawn’s teaching style emanates the compassion she has for the individual and the journey.  She brings her experience as an Intuitive Energy Healer into her classes and enjoys informing students of their energetic bodies through yogic movement, pranaya, meditation and mantra, furthering their understanding about how Yoga can profoundly heal our bodies, minds and spirits.

She has spear-headed a movement toward total wellness with her healing and yoga center, Laughing Buddha Yoga in Seattle, WA. She continues her study of self-healing and energy medicine as one of the most influential leaders in her community.


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