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“Better than 1,000 days of diligent study is one good day w/a Great teacher.” ~Japanese Proverb

Namaste Light Being!

So you think you may want to join the “Kula” (community of like minded individuals) of Southbay Bohemiams and Luminaries set out to be the light and change we wish to see?!
Do you teach awareness, Meditation, Mind & Body pursuits or yoga in one or more of the 8 limbs?

We would be honored to make your acquaintance and invite you to apply!
For returning Luminaries, “namaste” we’d love to see and hear what you’ve been up to lately.
The new round of Presenter workshops is open and we are seeking new and innovative offerings.

In 2016 we proudly assembled a uniquely varied panel of teachers who presented phenomenal variety of workshops, lectures and interactive demonstrations! Included by not limited to:

  • Bee Warriors- a study and presentation on building urban bee colonies and the health benefits of Bee stings, yep benefits of stings! The Teeny Weeny yoginis and their parental units loved this Gary Golding show stopper. 
  • 12 Step Recovery Yoga with Kim Hurd
  • Cannabis, Cancer & Compassinate Care w/ Josephine Hernanadez
  • Trance Dance with Gaia
  • Barre (butt burning for sure!) with Leigh Wakeford
  • Lectures on The Spiritual relationship to physical disease with Dr. Natacha D. Nelson

We also continue to appreciate the simplicity of a  well taught class Fundamentals class.
Join us to share your message at the 2017 SouthBay Yoga Conference October 13-15, 2017.
If this is your first year applying, please read the  entire Presenter Prospectus below prior to submitting to present.   Continue:  here is a PDF link for your convenience:


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