Pam Ragland

The Inner Game of Successful Yoga

You do Yoga. You hope to develop something.  But what do you hope to experience?   For most people, you desire to:

  • Cultivate “mindfulness”
  • Be more “conscious”
  • Accelerate your evolution
  • Experience inner peace
  • Be more youthful
  • Live in the now
  • Manifest more powerfully

Yup.  I LOVE Yoga & it’s done all this for me!!   But, unlike most people, I have a secret formula…a way to speed up these results.

What if I told you that there is a way to achieve these results & more before you ever get to your Yoga class?  So you can learn to really accelerate & evolve your Yoga experience.

Achieve the benefits you long for quicker & more effortlessly, with a new system called Thought Shifting™.

Pam Ragland will explain what Thought Shifting™ is, why it matters to you & your practice, & how to tap into this incredible, hidden resource.

About Pam:


Is a human behavior expert and powerful healer, who realized in 2004 she has a gift she calls Thought Shifting™, which erases all past “Negativity” in just days.  By accident, she learned she was also having profound results for people with depression, addictions, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, and much more.  A former corporate executive & Fortune 100 consultant, she has been helping adults, children, pets, & companies change effortlessly since 1984.


Pam has appeared as a guest on a number of television and radio shows, in blogs & print media including &, and is the author of several books and articles, including “Radical Thought Shift” and “The 7 Why’s of Addiction”.  She makes her home in Rancho Santa Margarita, California with her two young children Sydnee and Sawyer.  In her spare time, she does Yoga, rides her horse Shawn,  volunteers as a naturalist docent, and helps out at her children’s school.

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