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Yoga and Goal Setting

The workshop’s first hour will begin with an explanation of the psychology behind goal setting, why goal setting is important, why up until now goal setting may not have worked, and why the exercises I introduce will change that. We will work through certain exercises during the workshop, and others will be explained as “homework.” There will be time for reviewing students’ goals and exercises, if they wish to share, as well as a time for questions and answers.

The second hour will be an asana and meditation practice that will complement the first hour’s written exercises. The goals we created, the affirmations introduced, and other creative inspiration found in the first hour will now be taught as a mental companion to the physical postures in yoga practice and as a means of focus during meditation.

You will leave the workshop feeling grounded in your aptitude and excited to hold the key to turn your “dreams” to “goals,” their “goals” in to reality.

I will be referencing authors such as Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Russell Simmons, Henriette Anne Klauser, Julia Cameron and Eckart Tolle.

Party Yoga!

This workshop will be very structured so that you can enjoy and experiment at your own pace and comfort level. The series will look like a typical vinyasa flow/power class. Starting in child’s pose, moving through cat/cow and building in to Sun Salutations, standing series etc. Within the postures, I will be adding suggestions of different kinds of movement, creative discovery in the body, and as the pace picks up, more energetic movement that is set to the beat of the music and elevates the heart rate. Movement will incorporate lots of hips, head rolls, shoulder shimmies, and jumping. Alternate movements and modifications will also be given.

At the climax of the practice, we will have an occasion for “free dance” where the music gets turned up and our inhibitions go out the window.

After a slow burn ab series and invigorating backbends, the workshop will begin to wind down with slower movement and asanas that take us to the floor. The freedom of movement will help to bring a stillness to the body and mind that will allow the students to enjoy a long, deep savasana with guided imagery.

The soundtrack for this workshop will include energizing kirtan by Krishna Das, Steve Ross and MC Yogi, as well as favorite artists such as The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and other favorite dance songs. Special consideration will be taken so none of the music has swear words or offensive lyrics. Suggestions of favorite songs are welcomed!


About Olivia:

Olivia grew up training as a professional ballet dancer and started her yoga practice at 6 years old to compliment this training. When moving to New York at age 18, she began a more discipline practice in the Ashtanga style. At 22 she became a certified yoga instructor in the style of ISHTA (Integrated Style of Hatha Tantra and Ayurveda) developed by YogiRaj Alan Finger. Immediately, Olivia started teaching at top gyms in New York City such as Golds and Equinox as well as private gyms. Continuing education followed in certification programs for Restorative Yoga and Pre-Natal Yoga. She began teaching private clients with disabilities, such as MS, as well as in home private instruction for pre-natal students. While in New York she created her own fitness business and held yoga classes geared towards developing creativity.

In 2006 Olivia joined the Broadway National touring company of “The Producers” and taught group yoga classes to her fellow cast mates. These classes would prepare the cast to be injury-free as dancers on the road, and to keep spirits lifted for a year of living out of a suitcase.

After touring, Olivia danced in Las Vegas as a showgirl in the world famous “Don Arden’s Jubilee!” at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. In Las Vegas she taught at Las Vegas Athletic Club as well as the city’s top yoga studio, Yoga Sanctuary. Her classes at Yoga Sanctuary included, Therapeutic Yoga, Hatha/Vinyasa Flow, Pre-natal Yoga, Children’s Yoga as well as holding popular workshops on Meditation and Spine Health.

While in Las Vegas, Olivia began working for lululemon athletica, a yoga-inspired clothing store based on community outreach, grass-roots marketing, human relations and self-development. It was with this company that Olivia was taught how to successfully set life goals and be able to coach others to do the same. Armed with this knowledge, Olivia coached many people to achieve their previously hard to reach dreams and aspirations.

From 2010-2011 Olivia became an ambassador for lululemon’s Summerlin store, chosen as an outstanding leader in the local yoga community to represent their brand. She would frequently teach their weekly complimentary yoga classes.

In Los Angeles, Olivia is already teaching at top studios in the area. She teaches five days a week at Goldenbridge LA, Hot 8 Yoga Beverly Hills, Simona Yoga in Los Feliz, as well as continuing to teach privately for selected clients. She works in the editorial department for LA Yoga Magazine, sending out their weekly newsletter, adding content to their website, representing the magazine at special events and writing articles on local community outreach events and new studio spaces. She enjoys practicing Seva (selfless service) by teaching privately by donation as well as volunteering her time and support to wonderful organizations such as the South Bay Yoga Conference.


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