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MBRT: Mind-Body-Resilence-Training

MBRT is the result of 14 years of refining asana to suit populations such as prisons/parolees, addiction treatment and Military.

MBRT is designed to systematically eradicate dis-ease that resides in the body and mind (organism) caused by stress and trauma while rebuilding our resiliency to it. Unlike other modalities, MBRT is designed to cleanse not only the muscles and joints of this held tension, but to discharge the central nervous system and brain of stored trauma by inducing tremors in the organism that are essential to the eradication of trauma and PTSD. Thus breaking down and eradicating all blockage. MBRT not only brings the organism back to a natural balance where all the systems of the organism are working in harmony and peace, but because of the resilience, the organism becomes more likely to stay in this state and less likely to crumble, or remain in this state when presented with adversity. The thoroughness of the practice depends on the quality of breath regardless of the organisms preexisting state.

  • 10 min heat building circuit
  • setting the breath and locks
  • 45 min standing asana
  • 30 min seated asana
  • 20 min trauma discharge
  • 10 min rest
  • 10 meditation


About Nick:

In 2010 Nick created MBRT (Mind-Body-Resilience-Training) and began implementing the natural role of the masculine energy in our culture and in the world, and how to condition the body to suit it. Adding nervous system discharge (tremoring) to MBRT in 2012 he began teaching for the US Marines on Miramar Marine Base in San Diego. “With MBRT If it’s in there and does not belong, it will leave, and what will remain is real!” This simple but hard working approach to yoga is why he’s been so successful in helping people cut through their thick layers of our past that get stuck in the body and mind.

Practicing since 1999 and teaching since 2000, Nick completed a 200 hour teacher training with “It’s Yoga” in San Francisco 2003, but has studied yogasana mostly through yoga text and his own body and mind. In 2007 Nick Started One Breath Yoga, LLC in Portland OR and began contracting for Oregon Dept. of Corrections in min. and med. security prisons, mens treatment centers, domestic violence parolees, City of Portland as well as Nike, Adidas local High Schools just to name a few. Teaching these populations has gotten Nick to develop a style all his own and in 2009 put it to DVD in a 3 Level System under “One Breath Yoga w Nick Manci”.

Nick currently resides in Flagstaff, AZ.

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