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Vinyasa Flow—Emphasis on the FLOW Neil_head

This class will be about the FLOW. We will flow from asana to asana and we will flow from breath to breath. We will strive to create a steady rhythmic pulse with our breathing and we will connect to that pulse with our movement.

This class is suitable for beginners and more advanced practitioners. We will begin with a gentle warm-up and work our way through increasingly more active asanas. You will find options available to mold the practice into the type of class you are feeling. Do you want a very active class or a more stretchy class? Throughout the class, cues will be given to help you get the maximum alignment of your poses. There will be a balance between activity and stillness. We will have fun!

We will conclude with a guided Savasana where will we allow the benefits of our practice to coalesce in our bodies, minds and hearts.

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