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An Introduction to
Ashtanga Yoga
Friday 10:15-11:45
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If you are curious about ashtanga yoga, but have never tried it or feel too intimidated to walk into an ashtanga class, this is the workshop for you.  If you have never had the opportunity to explore ashtanga before, here is your chance!  Truly anyone can practice ashtanga yoga…or as Pattabhi Jois used to say “Anyone can practice ashtanga yoga apart from lazy people”.  Come have fun discovering the fundamentals and philosophy of this challenging, ancient, traditional system.  Natale will talk about the basics and address your concerns or questions and will then guide you through the beginnings of the primary series in an accessible way.  You will leave with a deeper understanding of this practice, ready to embark on the ashtanga yoga journey.

Ashtanga Yoga

An opportunity to be guided through the first series of ashtanga yoga, with the traditional sanskrit count.

“Ashtanga yoga is a vibrant and vigorous traditional practice for the mind and body. The emphasis is on the ujayi breath, on dristhi (gaze point) and on asana itself.  Ashtanga consists of six series of postures, however few practitioners move through all series.  The ashtanga system is sequential and one only proceeds to the next pose or next series once one has perfected the preceding pose.  In this way the body is safely prepared and “unlocked”, ready for each new pose it is given by the teacher.

The first or primary series, “Yoga Chikitsa” (yoga therapy), is deemed the most important as it purifies and detoxifies the body. There are 30 poses in the primary series, including many forward bends.  The practice begins with surya namaskar, followed by standing poses, seated poses (with vinyasa), backbends, inversions and closing asanas.

Natale will lead a traditional primary series practice with the sanskrit count, as it is taught in India.  The full led primary series requires stamina and flexibility and as such is ideal for those who are regular practitioners.
About Natale:

Natale discovered yoga in London, England in the late 1990s, and in 2003 was inspired to leave everything behind to journey to India to devote herself completely to the practice and spend lengthy periods on retreat in the Himalaya. She lived in Asia for several years, studying and teaching yoga asana, meditation and pranayama in Nepal, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.  She is a registered, experienced teacher (E-RYT).   She began teaching at Yoga Works South Bay when it opened in 2008, shortly after her arrival in LA. Natale also teaches at LYFE Yoga in Hermosa Beach.  She regularly studies at the KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India and returns to Asia for inspiration whenever she can.  She returns to Asia for inspiration whenever she can.  Being back in the West has taught her how relevant and necessary this practice is in all societies and conditions.

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