Organic Wellness Yoga

Yoga for Addictions:            moses2-620x450

Rest, Release, Restore and Rejuvenate

This workshop is designed to utilize yoga principals to reinforce recovery concepts. The 12 step program proposes a spiritual remedy yet does not offer much advice for the physical dimension of healing from addiction. A very important aspect of this recovery is Hatha and Kundalini yoga – the asanas and breathing exercises.

This 2hour workshop is interactive and light hearted, leave your “Check your shame at the door.”

Moses teaches his students that compassion begins within.

Mr. Love demonstrates thru meditative and pranayama practices,  how to first forgive yourself and recognizing your addictive behaviors and the needs and vulnerabilities that underlie them. Through physical practice, this workshops allows you to do the necessary Inside work to determine what kinds of activities and changes in your lifestyle can best help you restore balance in mind and body.

You’ll learn ways to revitalize your body’s systems and boost your immune system giving you a strong foundation in health to face the challenges and stresses of daily life without resorting/relapsing into old addictive behaviors. This workshop returns the power of wellness back to its rightful owner- YOU.

About Moses:


Moses Love, born Michael Kupferberg in Chicago 1969

He is a down to earth spiritual lighthouse whose main inspiration is drawn from the infinite well of divine love. Moses is know to be straightforward while creating a safe, loving space to awaken to your full potential.After his Studies at San Diego State University he continued his life studies traveling the globe.   He then returned to his hometown of Chicago where he started Live Hard, a philosophy-based clothing company that received national recognition for its innovative marketing and product placement strategies. He has Author8275_10102698405375978_8758085771598284027_ned  a book entitled ‘Live Hard Because You Can’ and has appeared on numerous radio and TV news programs.Seeking simplicity in his life, Moses moved to Miami in 2000Studying with the Late Master Alec Rubin for many years Moses began to develop his unique style of Organic Awareness Yoga.

12961526_1671707023093270_5484734085836886609_n Moses is also the creator of the Green Bus Project and spent one year touring in the Green bus, running on Veggie Oil and teaching at over 108 yoga studio’s!
Moses has taught at Bhakti Fest, Omega Institute, Yoga Journal Conference, Fit Yoga Conference, Art of Vinyasa Conference, The Midwest Yoga Conference, Telluride Yoga Festival and Karma Palloza, Yoga Sex and Feminism, Texas Yoga Conference, Iowa City Yoga Festival, Jamaica Yoga Conference, Caribbean Yoga Conference.

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