Monica Sarrat

Restorative Yogapuncture ™  

Teaching Schedule:
Sunday 8:30-10:30am


In this 2 hour workshop Monica and Ansley Herndon will lead you through a series of yoga postures in which you will be encouraged to turn off the thinking and doing part of your brain and allow yourself to simply BE. Some restorative poses are beneficial to the entire body; others are therapeutic for specific issues in the body and mind. To add to this delicious and relaxing practice, Monica will administer acupuncture to take you into a deeply relaxed state of being.


About Monica:
Monica Sarrat, LAc, RYT, began her career in wellness and health in the 90’s, first as a nurse. She then changed direction and became a licensed acupuncturist & herbalist and owner of Access Acupuncture, Inc. in Southern California. She has travelled all over studying and lecturing on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her passion is in treating Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine. Monica also became a certified yoga instructor because she found yoga to enhance the treatment outcome for her patients. And with the blending of these 2 modalities, the idea of Yogapuncture TM, was born. It is a profoundly relaxing experiencing based on calming the nervous system and decreasing the body’s stress response.

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