Mischa Estrada

PowerFlow: Slow Flow Power Vinyasa
Teaching Schedule:
Saturday 3:30-5:15pm
Sunday 8:30-10am


This hour and a half workshop will give tools to take your Vinyasa practice deeper – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Access a deeper mindfulness by working from your center to deepen your end of practice bliss. Develop a new relationship with the resistance you feel within your mind, body & spirit. Learn how to use the resistance within your practice to redefine your belief system around your limitations. Mischa will also discuss how the tools of Pranayama, Key Foundational Alignment & Working from your Center can be taken off the mat and into the world where our “real” yoga is put into play.

Pranayama, Key Foundational Alignment, Working from your Center



About Mischa:


Mischa Estrada has practiced yoga since 1985 with varied experiences from a home practice of Hatha Yoga, to Jivamukti, Kundalini, and Baptiste Style Power Vinyasa.  Mischa says her yoga experience is like a lotus unfolding: Beautiful, transformational, and so personal.  She teaches a Baptiste Power Vinyasa style of yoga at Seattle Yogalife studio and uses powerful physical assists along with verbal cues to help her students find their foundation and maintain a state of equanimity through their practice.  Mischa is passionate about encouraging her students to access the power of possibility, even it they are working through injuries, or emotional imbalances.  She believes deeply in the healing power of yoga to rebalance the entire Mind, Body & Spirit, which colors her approach to teaching. Mischa is the owner of Clear Power Yoga, a pop up studio at the Columbia Center Tower in downtown Seattle.

Mischa is also a fine artist and a jewelry designer of custom malas. She is a published writer of life transformation articles in the


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