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Floating Yoga

This workshop is designed to challenge and strenghthen the small muscle groups that make up our propriocetion or Inner Balance.  We will be using the new Indo Yoga BoardsTM and actual Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) on cushions to challenge our yoga practice like the very popular SUPYOGA that you may have heard about or seen.
This class will invigorate your senses and challenge your balance.  Take your practice to a whole new level while challenging your stability and having fun without getting wet.  Attendees of this workshop will get to experience their yoga practice on both the new INDO YOGA Board ™ and an actual SUP.
Beginners are welcome.

“FLO YO” on the new Indo Yoga BoardTM. The Indo Yoga BoardTM simulates floating yoga that has been popularized by Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga, which is yoga performed in a body of water on a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board. This workshop is for anyone looking to improve balance, seeking a new challenge or is an aspiring SUP Yogi. By practicing yoga on an unstable surface (“floating”) we utilize over 85% of the muscles ni the body. It’s challenging, different and fun!

We will also be using actual Stand UP Paddle boards for this workshop with the Giante Cushions from Indo at the nose and tail of the board to make it into a “FLO YO” board to practice simulated SUPyoga on. The attendees of each workshop can try both the Indo Yoga BoardTM and the actual SUP.

Yoga with Paddles

Yoga with paddles will encompass the use of (Stand Up Paddle Board) paddles in a variety of different poses and stretches. The use of a paddle will simulate SUP yoga and challenge your balance while adding weight and resistance to the workout. We will be using the SUP Paddles to simulate an on water SUPYoga routine that has become hugely popular with the growth of the sport over the past few years. Join us for some fun and challenging yoga with a new and exciting flair.


About Michelle:

Michelle Gierst has been surfing, standup paddling and practicing yoga for many years. After getting Pilate’s certified with PSC in Encino, California, she decided to advance her practice by getting Yoga certified with Mukti Yoga School in Manhattan Beach, California. Michelle’s love of the ocean and of yoga combined brought her to start teaching SUP yoga here in the South Bay. SUP yoga changed everything and brought her practice back to ground zero. Michelle soon realized the benefits of “FLO YO” (floating yoga on and off the water) and wants to share this love with am many yogis as possible.



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