Jessica Snow


Ultimate R&R

Find a place of peace, relax your body, recharge your inner spark and become more open-hearted in this deeply enjoyable workshop with Jessica Snow.

Jessica’s trademark combination of meditation and visualization will leave you feeling rested, healed and connected. It’s all guided, so you don’t need to do anything but show up ready to rest. You’ll be amazed at the way your life transforms when you give yourself deep permission to relax, recharge and receive all the good things that are waiting for you.

Allow yourself the luxury of becoming calm, open and receptive. Give yourself the gift of being supremely kind to your body, mind and spirit. Come experience the profoundly pleasurable aspects of meditation in the tender care of Jessica Snow.

Tha Happiness Practice

Open yourself to the present moment and feel more joy and a deep sense of well-being. No experience necessary for this feel-good meditation workshop, everyone is welcome. This series of Jessica’s signature meditations and image- filled visualizations will have you enjoying the benefits of meditation first-hand in real time.

In a few short hours, the presence you’ll cultivate practicing with Jessica will:

  • Invigorate you
  • Make you feel lighter
  • Help you fall in love with life
  • Guide you towards feeling more alive and creatively powerful
  • Leave you feeling like you are walking on air.

It’s not hard to develop a practice of present moment kindness and happiness. Come join us for an amazing meditative experience and receive great take- home tools so you can claim the benefits of meditation for yourself.


About Jessica:

Jessica Snow has a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Instructional Technology from CSU Chico and has been a devoted practitioner of meditation since 2002. She began sharing her self-generated, image-filled meditations with others during the Summer of 2011. Since then, her natural technique, her bright imagination, her gentle spirit and kind approach have made her a favorite among Los Angeles meditators.

Jessica believes in meditation as vital nourishment for your body and soul. Through years of experience she has found sure-fire ways to access the power, peace, happiness and insight that lives inside us all. She’s developed a modern style of meditation, mixing traditional mindfulness, immersive image-filled visualizations and supportive media such as drumming and binaural beats to always leave the meditator feeling better than when they started.

2013 brings new opportunities for Jessica, including recording her signature meditations, cutting-edge drum and binaural beat tracks and many other supportive tools so that people can meditate on their own in this modern style; therefore helping to fulfill Jessica’s ambition that everyone know the pleasure and transformative benefits of practicing the rewarding art of meditation.

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