Marla Wedge

Intro to Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Join this class to learn what Vinyasa (or Flow) Yoga is and how it works, so that you will have a safe and fun practice. Marla will guide you through a complete beginners flow practice incorporating physical postures including Sun Salutations, standing poses, gentle backbends, twists, forward bends, and final relaxation that will help you become fit, mindful, and calm.  Breathing techniques that help strengthen your nervous system, fuel your brain, and energize you will also be taught.  Finally, you will gain some insight into meditation, the most important part of the yoga practice as it helps to restore and maintain your overall health.

Healing Hatha Vinyasa Flow

This class will bring together the power of the physical practice of yoga, a deep understanding of who we are, what we need, where to make changes, and how we will do it. Most important is the understanding that we are, without question our own best teacher & our own best healer. Learn how this strong practice can open you up to better health, how to relate to your body, stress level, coping skills, mental habits, and your ability to relax and concentrate.

Vinyasa yoga is a progressive sequence that will unfold with harmony and intelligence, linking one asana to the next. You will be guided through an asana practice that will go from challenging to nurturing your true potential.

In our ever-changing world, yoga is the link to bringing together the balance we need in our daily life.

Marla’s bio:

Marla Wedge has been and continues to be a student and instructor of mindfully based fitness and nutrition in the South Bay community beginning in October of 2000. Classes are offered at Yoga Works, Yoga Loft, Harmony Yoga, HIP Studio & Spectrums Clubs. In additions she hosts yoga retreats, workshops, and private yoga therapy sessions.

Marla offers a playful Hatha Yoga based mix of postures infused with strong flow sequences. She is Yoga Alliance certified instructor, having taken many of the finest yoga study programs offered here in Los Angeles and around the country. She brings enthusiasm, humor, compassion and intelligence to her teaching leaving students empowered, refreshed, motivated, and restored.

Yoga Alliance Certified E-RYT 500

YogaRX~Therapy Certified  – Loyola Marymount University.



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