Marion Clark

Yoga for Surfers

Surfing: Harmony in Motion

“You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.”

Surfing and yoga are natural companions. Yoga is defined as, “The cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” If you are to make the drop in a wave and keep moving fluidly, in any form on any board, your mind must be present. Surfing, in all its forms, IS yoga.

Marion tells her surf students, “Surfing is being in harmony with the ocean.” This definition transcends ocean waves. It applies not only to many sports, but to our lives in general. We are hit by waves all the time: the fluctuations of life are many and varied, just like fast approaching waves created by swells coming from different directions. Some waves are long-period, and like our lives, they are spaced well, and big enough to maul us when we don’t see them coming. Most of the waves we traverse are smaller and closer together. They are the waves of everyday life, knocking us around as we constantly seek our center: A centered mind, a centered body, a centered heart.

Our exploration of asana will focus on balancing right and left sides of the body, finding your own personal center (core!!), and countering overuse of muscles resulting from one-sided sports. Along the way, your chances of finding a deeper sense of balance within are highly likely, and you don’t have to wait your turn in the line up to get your fix! This workshop is tailored for all levels of yogans and athletes.


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About Marion:

Saltwater Yogini Marion has been surfing for 14 years and yoga-ing for 11. Her home break is Marine St. in Manhattan Beach, but she’s grown to love the epic waves of Oahu, Hawai’i, and the cold water monsters of Santa Cruz. She’s been a working member of the health & fitness community in the South Bay since 1999, starting with Mary Setterholm’s Original G. I. Jane and Buggy Brigade on the beach! Marion runs the family business, Surf Academy, and the non-profit, Surf Bus Foundation. She teaches Pilates and Yoga locally at Ofie’s Elite Physiques in Palos Verdes and on the Westside at BodyWellness Pilates and Spinning Studio.

  • Certified 200 HR YTT at Harmony Yoga 2005
  • 40 HR Yoga Tune-Up Level 1 2008
  • 300 HR Smart Flow 2011
  • OVER 4,000 hrs. of combines private yoga clients and classes taught at Harmony Yoga, Ofie’s Physiques, Equinox, Spectrum Club, Yoga Loft, Paradise Surf Shop, and on the beach for Surf Academy
  • Certified Pilates Teacher: Teaching Method on Mat and Apparatus Through the PhysicalMind Institute  December 2002

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