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Yapana® Yoga Therapy: BEING Poses

The beauty of learning Yapana® Yoga Therapy is knowing how to bring the pose to the student, not the student to the pose. In this workshop, we will look at a series of restorative “BEING” poses that may be practiced in a variety of ways to meet individual needs. We will strategically place yoga props in order to support the student where he/she is. This way of teaching is not only satisfying to the student, but harnesses the teaching skill of seeing your students as they are, not as you think they should be.

Open to students and teachers.

Yapana® Yoga Master Class:

Enjoy a highly satisfying experience on the mat with notably the most experienced yoga instructor, yoga teacher trainer, and influential yoga person in the South Bay, Leeann Carey, founder of Yapana® Yoga Therapy. The class includes a specific vinyasa sequence that introduces a Key Positioning Skill (KPS). The KPS will be well-practiced in heat-building poses with support that lead to a “Queen” pose. You’ll wind down with fully supported restorative poses and a Savasana that will leave you feeling super relaxed, renewed, and refreshed. Get “Yapanized”!


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Yapana® (yaa-pa-na, like ahh-sa-na), an Ancient Sanskrit Word Meaning the Support and Extension of Life.

Yapana® yoga practice is an innovative blend of vinyasa flow to warm and prepare the body for poses that are held dynamically and restoratively using props for therapeutic support. Developed and presently exclusively by Leeann Carey Yoga, Yapana® practice is easily modified and adapted to meet the individual needs of students at all levels of experience and skill.

Classes are intelligent and thematic, and offer devoted students a creative path for tapping into the ocean of their practice, and teach yoga instructors how to better develop their teaching eye.

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About Leeann:

Leeann Carey is the creator and founder of the Leeann Carey Yoga School, a Yoga Alliance- and ACE-registered school providing inspired and smart continuing yoga education in Yapana, a yoga therapy practice. Yapana practice is easily modified and adapted to meet the individual needs of students of all levels. Leeann’s eclectic blend of yoga appeals to a wide range of students, from beginners to professional athletes, and was forged over decades of studies with leading teachers such as Kofi Busia, Donna Farhi, Erich Schiffmann, and Judith Lasater. She is the author of Yapana: Yoga Therapy for Everybody.


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