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Alchemy and Archetype
Teaching schedule:
Friday 12-1:30pm
Sunday 1-2:30pm

We will look at yoga as alchemy, the art of process, and the movement of energy through matter. This will include bringing an understanding of archetype, story, emotion, and the five elements into the asana. With an understanding of the presence of spirit in every breath and direct contact with the divine, we will open to symbolic sight and the medicine of the present moment. Come play in the archetypes, dance with everything that is present, and make prayers for transformation.


Earth and Sky

This will be an exploration of the deepest heart. We will seek this inner refuge through playing with the relationship between earth and sky. We can tell ourselves to “let go”, but it really happens when we feel fully supported and safe. We will focus on the connection between grounding and the heart – the elements of earth and air  – and release of the three bandhas so that energy can move through us differently.  From the experience of the earth holding us unconditionally and the receiving of the nurturing of life, we can rest in the deep safety of the soul.

About Laura:      LauraF_Yoga

Laura Fuller, MA, C.Ht. is a teacher, therapist, and writer. She has been working with people through their bodies, minds, and souls for 20 years. She teaches movement to help people connect with themselves, their lives, and each other. Working with the body is a beautiful way to explore the challenges and joys and engage the richness of our current situations, history, and dreams. She began her studies as a teen in learning to work with her own challenges. She became interested in how movement and awareness could be used to process emotion and how – by feeling, effort, and metaphor – we have the ability to change our own lives, and maybe more than that.

Laura graduated UCLA with a degree in World Arts and Cultures with concentration in Dance, and Pacifica Graduation Institute with a Masters in Counseling Psychology with emphasis in Depth. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and does somatic therapy and trauma release. As for yoga, Laura is grateful for the influences of Bryan Kest, Mark Whitwell, Andodea Judith, and Kristin Olson. In general, she sees the teacher as everywhere and these teachings as belonging to everyone.

Laura’s classes combine traditional practices with concepts of somatic process, neuroscience, and alchemy. They include poses, meditation, breath work, and exploration of archetypes and philosophy in a style that acknowledges the reality of healing for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. A gentle sense of focus and varied states of consciousness create space for all parts of self and the medicine of the present moment. They are designed to let you come as you are, enter the present moment, and explore what is possible in a way that is both playful and deep. In all she does, Laura’s intention is to give people a sip of their soul, a connection to their power, and a sense of artful engagement in life.

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