Kirrily Keayes

Kirrily KeayesKirrily Keayes is a singer, songwriter and musician as well as a Clairvoyant, spiritual medium and healer.

In all forms she is bringing through the spiritual realm to the earth plane. Knowing that both music and metaphysics are her life’s calling she has found a way to bridge them together.

Kirrily will start the day at high noon with a set of her heart felt acoustic songs which is her signature. But, she will also be debuting a concept she has long held dear to her heart. Over the last year she has been doing group channelings for events she has called “Ask Spirit” in which people gather together in a circle and Ask questions for spirit to answer directly through her. It has been a beautiful, profound and healing experience for many who have attended. Now she is collaborating with Guy Douglas from the Alchemical Fusion of Sacred Sound who delivers Sound Baths with Crystal Bowls and Gongs. Together they will be creating a beautiful healing sonic experience with frequencies that heal the charkas, lilting angelic melodies and percussive rhythms. This experience takes the guest into a very open and receptive state to then move into an Ask Spirit Circle. They will close the afternoon with a guided meditation and deeply rejuvenating sound bath.


About Kirrily:

Born in the outback of Australia and a nomad by nature, Kirrily Keayes is a passionate and emotionally charged singer and songwriter who’s lyrics tell the story of a life woven with the colors of her diverse experiences.

Traveling since the time she was a baby, her family left Australia and after exploring Britain and America, they settled in Canada where she was raised.

She started performing at a young age in Community Theater and choir then moved into TV in Canada as a teenager. The first commercial she landed won 6 Canadian Juno awards and she also had a recurring role in the Canadian Television series, Neon Rider. Later, in New York, she was also on several episodes of Days of Our Lives.

Kirrily started her music career in Chicago as lead singer in a band called Solar Tribe While in Chicago she also recorded back up vocals for legendary singer Jello Biafra of the punk band the Dead Kennedys.

Moving on to pursue music as a solo artist she eventually moved to New York City. While in New York, Kirrily worked with and learned from great musicians. She began collaborating and performing around the New York club circuit with members of Dido’s band and other elite musicians and also recorded with Grammy Award winning producer Larry Mitchell. Continuing to develop her skills, she studied and performed with a West African Percussion Ensemble lead by Robert Levin, percussionist for The Lion King on Broadway and studied Voice with Katie Aggresta who taught Annie Lenox and many Metropolitan Opera singers. She has also performed her music and modeled in Tokyo, Japan.

Her love of people and desire to contribute naturally lead her to become a philanthropist. She founded “Women 4 Women: Rock The Cause”, producing fund raising concert events with donations going to help women in need. She has also produced a series of female artist showcases called “Les Femmes De Musique”.

Kirrily has performed at The Playboy Mansion for the Superbowl Party and been featured on NBC News. Music Connection Magazine said, “Keayes not only captivated the crowd, she stunned them” and that “her insights about life are interesting, bordering on the profound.”

Currently Living in Los Angeles, she has branched out in a variety of angles musically, singing with hip hop artists and also studying classical voice and piano in college as well as being a member of the Jazz Vocal Ensemble. She is currently recording with this year’s Grammy Award winner, Chris Plata, who mixed and engineered Miguel’s #1 hit “Adorn”.

Kirrily’s music connects with people of all walks of life, ages and ethnicities…she connects with the human spirit. Her songs are emotional and evocative reflections of a life well lived with a lot of risks and a lot of love, most often accompanied with the rawness of an acoustic guitar.

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