Kid’s Yoga Village

images-2SouthBay Yoga Conference Kids’s Yoga Village
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$5 drop off fee
Location: Lawn

Kids ­Ages 3­-6 Tweens­ 7­-12 and Teens 13-­18!

Drop of your kids at the Kids village for some kids Yoga and some fun while mom and dad get to enjoy their Yoga!

The SBYC Kids Village is a FUN ZONE where children will come and be themselves learning creating, and doing yoga. Rock painting, arts and crafts, scavenger hunt, talent show with prizes, Hip Hop dancing are a few of the adventures that children will explore. Drop your little ones off and take the classes and workshops of your preference. Tweens we have things for you too…this is not just a kiddy area where you will be bored to death. This is the place where your age group will be entertained too. You will learn Hip­Hop dancing, handstands, backflips, cartwheels and more while doing yoga to the music of your choice.  Teens ­You are included too! This will be the best extravaganza for you to jam with other teens who will teach you yoga the teenage way! Rock out to your favorite music and best of all there will be FOOD!!! So make your way over to our CRAZY FUN yoga event. You are guaranteed a great time!!!

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