Keith Levin

Handstands in Hatha Yoga

Investigate and build a Handstand for all levels! Work up to a static ‘peak’ pose and then turn it into a transitional pose.  What sets this class apart from other Handstand workshops is an important discussion of the pose and its role in Yoga.  Keith provides context as well as philosophical insight into this elusive and powerful feat.  First, we will prepare the body and its core muscles to get upside down. Eventually we gain the strength and courage to let go of the wall and props.  For the more advanced, we will look into how to incorporate a into any flow sequence, including Sun Salutations and when moving in and out of other arm balances.  All levels are welcome to explore the subtle art of inverting our bodies and our perspectives.

Music Flow Mixture

A Vinyasa flow class like no other! Keith will lead you through several unique and inspired sequences that will heat, open and attune the body/mind/spirit continuum.  Each mini-sequence will target specific areas of the body and sets of poses (internals, externals, twists, arm balancing).  Set to upbeat, uplifting music, we will challenge our endurance while safely moving pose to pose, on the thread, or Sutra, of our breath.  All levels welcome.  Bring an extra towel!


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Keith’s bio:

Keith’s unique classes weave precise alignment with meditation in motion and witty philosophy. He holds a safe and welcoming space where students find that falling many times before success can be playful and enjoyable. His students are reminded to smile as they accept the challenge of something bigger than the ‘small, ego-bound selves’.  He believes when a barrier is hurdled, the rewards are so much greater and the opportunity for self-development and awareness is  well within reach.

Keith first Yoga class was in 1998. He was looking for an easily portable discipline to stay in shape backpacking in South America.  Yoga seemed like it might be just another passing fancy. It wasn’t.  More than a decade later, after exploring a multitude of Yogic disciplines and teachers, he has found his stride as a teacher in the Vinyasa flow style. Keith currently teaches at Harmony Yoga and Spectrum Clubs in Redondo Beach and at Loyola Marymount University.

Forever a student of yoga, Keith’s teachings and practice continue to evolve.   His ever-changing flow sequences and creative linking of poses reveal his search for new influences and un-traveled roads on the path to greater self-awareness. Keith says: ‘The one constant in my Yoga practice is change and I hope to pass this along to my students. The practice, like life itself, is dynamic. Everything is in constant flux!’



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