Katie Bressack

The Nourish Experience

Teaching Schedule:
Saturday 12-1:30pm

Hosted by Katie Bressack, Nicole Foster and Courtney Satow

                Courtney, Katie & Nicole - Dipan Desai Photography (20 of 38)

Join three of the leading health, wellness and fitness couches in the South Bay Community for a 2hr body, mind and spiritual experience. Your Nourish experience will start by creating wellness intentions for your practice on and off the mat. You will then be led through a vinyasa yoga class to help you tune into your body and find your center and then enjoy a nice slow restorative session before we discuss how to nourish your body with food, movement and self care to help you continue to be mindful despite your every day schedule.

Yoga for Seniors

Stretch and flow yoga is a mindful approach to yoga. Classes start with stretching to release tension around the shoulders, opening the heart center and creating more length and space in the body. We transition to movement with some standing poses or time at the wall to create more balance in the mind and body. The class ends with a mini shoulder massage. Please bring a strap and a block if you have one.  If you don’t, come anyway!

About Katie:kate bressack

Katie Bressack Inspires & Supports Women to Live Healthy & Vibrant Lifestyles. Katie of Balanced Beings is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC, AADP) and Yoga Teacher who is passionate about empowering women to make themselves and their health a priority.
With Katie’s support her clients feel confident and beautiful in their bodies, reduce cravings, decrease stress levels and see an increase in energy and a more balanced mood. If you are looking to create a healthier lifestyle email Katie today for a complimentary health discovery session.
Katie Bressack is a also certified yoga teacher. With over four years of teaching experience and over a year at Hermosa Senior Center, Katie guides her students to connect their breathe to their mind and heart so they can find their ideal yoga practice to create more balance in their life.



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