Kate Cariati

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A Soulful Journey into the art of Lotus Flow

Teaching Schedule:
Saturday 1:30-3pm

Lotus Flow™ is a fluid, uplifting, innovative and progressive journey — a practice steeped in the timeless traditions, infused with music and spiced with divine inspiration.  Lotus Flow™ sequencing is based on the chakra system, challenges the body and mind, while serving the spirit with the elements of love and devotion through music and chanting. This marriage of sweat and spirituality brings people together and changes lives.

This (90-120min) advanced vinyasa karma workshop breaks down adventurous asanas and transitions in creative ways to help you break through mental and physical barriers to advance your practice, and fall in love with the skin you are in.



About Kate:

Yogini, teacher, trainee and mentor, Kate Duyn Cariati has dedicated over 15 years to her practice and profession. A Senior Teacher at Laughing Lotus (NYC and SF), since relocating to LA in 2009, she has taught at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, Equinox, Yogis Anonymous, Manhattan Beach Yoga Loft, Goda Yoga and Yoga Raj. She has led 200 Hour Teacher Trainings for Pure Yoga at Equinox, Goda Yoga, and Yogis Anonymous with Ally Hamilton. In 2013 Kate began bringing  the celebrated Laughing Lotus Advanced 50 Hour Teacher Trainings to Los Angeles from NYC.

Kate has been streaming her practices online since 2010 on yogisanonymous.com and has guided countless yogis globally. Her classes are known for their creative but intelligent sequencing, free flow acro-athleticism and soulfulness. She has a knack for guiding students to new depths while maintaining a sense of humor. Kate seamlessly weaves yoga philosophy, mantra, pranayama, meditation and movement into a rich and heartfelt experience in which she sets out to circulate as much joy through the body as possible.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, she has lived and taught in New York, San Francisco, and currently resides in West Los Angeles with her family.

LA Yoga Magazine, April 2016:



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