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IMG_4378Chair Backbends:
A Yapana® Workshop

Backbends are some of the best yoga poses for today’s lifestyle;  they move you away from your forward bending patterns of everyday life.   But if you rely on your familiar movements, your backbends remain stuck and the shoulders, low back, and hips are overworked.

In this workshop you will learn how to use an everyday folding chair and various yoga props to awaken the dull areas of your spine and balance its shape, structure and space, which all backbends require.

The class will be a complete experience, including:

  • Yapana® warm up sequence.
  • A variety of common yoga backbends, approached Yapana® style.
  • A Yapana® restorative sequence to unwind and quiet the back muscles.


Jules Mitchell backbend


Yapana® (yaa-pa-na, like ahh-sa-na), an Ancient Sanskrit Word Meaning the Support and Extension of Life.

Yapana® yoga practice is an innovative blend of vinyasa flow to warm and prepare the body for poses that are held dynamically and restoratively using props for therapeutic support. Developed and presently exclusively by Leeann Carey Yoga, Yapana® practice is easily modified and adapted to meet the individual needs of students at all levels of experience and skill.


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About Jules:

Jules Mitchell specializes in Biomechanics for Yoga Teachers programs both independently and for Leeann Carey Yoga.  She is a graduate student at CSU Long Beach in Exercise Science.  Her research focus is tissue mechanics and how the science affects teaching methods.    Her Anatomy programs focus on skill and curosity; always asking the function behind the pose and seeking to identify how to skillfully achieve that function.  Often questions get answered with more questions to inspire independent thought, creativity, and critical thinking with her students.

When not studying or traveling for her Anatomy teacher certification programs, her local business is primarily reserved for private clients.  She teaches a few public class in the South Bay Yoga community, but focuses on private yoga lessons in her Hermosa Beach home studio.  She loves to work with people rehabbing injuries of any sort, students new to yoga and experienced yoga practitioners (so everyone!).  She believes we all learn from each other all the time and the student/teacher relationship can be reversed in any given moment.



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