Joshua Mapp Weiss

Friday 1:45-3:15pm
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HeartPlay is a gentle call to trust your heart’s wisdom, honor your soul’s purpose, and follow your proverbial bliss. It is about connection, creativity, and courage to live your life authentically and joyfully. In this workshop, Josh shares his simple philosophy through stories, songs and activities aimed at stirring your own personal legend and hero’s journey. What’s your heartplay?






About Joshua:


Joshua Mapp Weiss is a writer, musician, and teacher. He shares his message of HeartPlay with children and adults alike. In 2001, Josh took a leap of faith, quit his job in corporate media and enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training. He taught yoga full-time for five years before transitioning into early childhood education in 2007. In 2005, Josh opened and directed an influential multi-use art space and artists’ collective called Cornerstone Experiential Arts. He is currently working on the launch of a HeartPlay podcast, among other projects.


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