Uma Hernandez

 The Miracle of Flora Medicine:
Cannabis, Cancer & Compassionate Care &
Gentle Yoga w/Ayurveda

Teaching Schedule:
JosephineFriday 8:30-10am : Gentle Yoga w/Ayurveda
Sunday 1:45- 3:15pmCannabis, Cancer & Compassionate Care


My name is Uma Hernandez, I am a Graduated from Synergy Yoga Studio, in Miami Beach, Fl.
In 2004 I Graduated with my Certification of 250 hours, studies of; Astanga, Iyengar, and Sivanada, Pranayama, Philiosophy, Sanskirt, etc…
My practice now consist of  Ayurvedic and Kriya Yoga.
Attention,  more to Gentle Healing Yoga for individuals with any form of illness.
I was blessed in 2004 with a scholarship to the Omega institution in Rhinebeck, NY.

To study Kundalini Yoga with, Guru Mukhi Kaur,to expand my
Healing practice and Sanskrit studies.  My love for Chanting has guided me to study with, some amazing Guru’s such as, Krishna Das, David Newman/Durga Das, Master Tabal teacher Kumar Das, harmonine, and Mantra’s with Durga Das, at Kashi Ashram Kirtan college in Sebastien,Fl. I am a practicing Ayurvedic Medicine Student, as well as, Nutritional consultant. In August 2013, I  traveled to the West Indies, of Jamaica, where I was teaching and studying Ayurvedic  Medicine.  Certification for Reiki Practitioner, Levels 1, 2,  and continue to study my healing practice. I have become a volunteer in the Omega institution every year since than. in appreciation  for their life changing scholarship to me. In 2005 I moved from Florida to Asheville, NC.  Where I was teaching Yoga at Namaste Yoga studio, Black Mountain Yoga Studio, and expanding my practice, in my new town. I have been honored to serve and teach yoga with the many non-profits in my community such as, The Ananda Marga Foundation in Asheville,  the YWCA, and many others.    
I do Seva,  at The Carolina Rehab Rescue Center, were we serve our homeless and our community families. In addition, I have been Facilitating Retreats around the Country, my most recent, Retreat in Florida, at the Kashi Ashram, in Sebastien, Fl. In 2008 I traveled to India to Ammaji, Ashram in Kerala, to expand my Ayurvedic studies. In 2009, I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado were I was teaching Yoga at the Meta Yoga Studio.  As well as, facilitating workshops on healing with Yoga. In 2011, I traveled back to Miami, Florida, to help my daughter heal  from a Brain Aneurysm, a Miracle in it self. My Family, and I are Grateful and Blessed…. In Miami I have been teaching Yoga and Ayurvedic to individuals suffering with Cancer, as well as other Chronic and Terminal illnesses. My degree in the Medical field, for over twenty years, allows for the knowledge and experience needed to guide others, through the red tape. I have been expanding my Yoga through Seva/volunteer work at the following shelters  for the homeless, in Florida, i.e,  Lotus Home shelter for Woman & children, Chapman Shelter for families, and I have been honored as Peace Ambassador at Unity By The Bay.  In 2013 I applied for a scholarship to expand my Kirtan and Music Studies, at he Kashi Ashram, Sebastine, Fl; Guru; Durga Das,  Kirtan College.  Although, it is challenging to speak of myself, (without feeling the big “I” )
I realized it is necessary for introductions and promotional purposes.

In Gratitude;

I am Blessed.

Uma Hernandez, CYT,RYT.



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