Joe Curcio

Accessing the Inner Teacher through JoeC2
Acceptance & Inquiry

Teaching Schedule:
Sunday 12-1:30pm

Teachings throughout the ages have pointed to the reality that true wisdom and knowing come from within.  However, difficulties arise when we are unable to discern the voice of truth from that of the ego, giving rise to indecision and grasping for answers outside ourselves. This workshop will empower individuals identify and clear the obstructions to direct knowledge, giving them access to both the personal and universal truth that reside within. Mindfulness practices, journaling, gentle movement and partner exercises will lead participants to a deeper connection with inner wisdom, making it more accessible in daily life (90 minutes).


About Joe:

Joe Curcio, L. Ac. is a long time meditator and director of L.A. Wellness in El Segundo where he has practiced acupuncture and holistic healing since 2002. Joe is esteemed by his patients and students for his calming presence and keen insight into mindfulness.

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