Jessi Panich

Gentle Yoga 

Teaching Schedule:
Saturday 1:45-3:30pmJessi
Sunday 10:15-11:45

Inspired by the love of yoga + aromatherapy, Jessi Panich therapeutic grade essential oils and yoga to help you deepen into your asana practice and breathe in your intentions more fully. Feel how essential oils can raise your vibration. If you’ve been hanging onto tension, this class is for you! Prepare to transport to a place of relaxation. Panich is dedicated to sharing the love one drop at a time with fellow kindred spirits. Small bottles. Good Vibes. Huge, grateful heart.

Intro to Essential Oils

Presenters: Marilyn Kay & Jessi Panich

Curious About Essential Oils? Join us for an Oils 101 Workshop to learn the benefits of Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils & how to use them in your everyday life.

Jessi Panich & Marilyn Kay are sharing the love one drop at a time.


About Jessi:

This Midwest girl from Iowa and Wisconsin has been soaking up the SoCal sun since 2013. While seeking an escape from her increasingly suffocating corporate cubicle she found peace in the moving meditation of yoga. The more she went to class, the better she felt and it pulled her out of a funk. Jessi realized the profound impact yoga had on her soul and she craved to deepen her practice even more. She completed her 200 RYT training at Soho Yoga under the expert eye of her favorite teacher Natasha Needles and is grateful for her guidance and inspiration.

Jessi strives to create a welcoming space, free of judgment for everyone to practice yoga, find release and evolve. Her teaching style is a rad combo that is mindful yet lighthearted. She has a BA in Health Promotion & Wellness, which she puts to good use as an Essential Oils Educator and Life Coach, inspiring clients towards a sense of wellbeing and balance. Off the mat she is a spirited Scorpio that loves sunglasses, laughing, high fives and hugs.

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