Jennifer Crilley

Energy Protection Workshop
Teaching Schedule:
Saturday 12-1:30pm

Have you ever gone to a party and come home feeling drained?
Do you find yourself absolutely exhausted after talking with certain people?


Do people in the workplace seem to steal your energy?

Are overwhelmed by large crowds?

Do you always feel tired, rundown, or stressed out?

Learn how to protect and keep your energy!

Your aura, or energy field, is your energetic immune system. When it is compromised it can affect your emotional, mental, and physical health.

Would you like to feel less sensitive and vulnerable?

Do you want to stop taking on everyone else’s stuff?

Do you want to improve your inner balance and reduce stress?

It is possible!

Learn how to:

  • ·      Keep your life-force energy;
  • ·      Be less drained by your surroundings;
  • ·      Identify the energy leaks or cracks in your natural protection;
  • ·      Protect yourself from external energies, such as entities or denser energies, disharmonious frequencies, and energy vampires.


About Jennifer:         JenCrilley_Head

Jennifer is a Soul Coach, ThetaHealer, Reiki Master and Multi-Sensitive. She entered this world with special abilities and gifts.  As a youth, she realized the awareness of her many previous incarnations, as well as the ability of sensing into people and things known as Clairsentience, set her apart.  Over the years, these abilities were both beneficial and very painful as she experienced life she knew as Earth School. 


As time passed, she made all attempts to “fit in” to the societal norms as she attended New York University, entered the workforce and traveled the world.  Yet these efforts left her less and less fulfilled.  Material objects, activities and travels failed to bring her the happiness and internal joy she so desired.  She then realized she must look within to achieve the inner balance and peace she so desperately desired. She consciously embarked on her Spiritual Journey and embraced her Soul’s purpose and intuitive gifts.


In pursuing a MA degree in Spiritual Psychology, Jennifer learned to facilitate and coach her clients to connect with their inner spirit and align them with their life’s purpose.  She has created a unique process using her special abilities to identify and integrate specific modalities in order facilitate proper energetic alignment and overall wellbeing. 

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