Jennifer Allen Richard

jennifer allen richard


Ready to wake up your practice?   Dig deep?   Be present?

SmartFLOW®, created by master teacher Annie Carpenter, blends the rigorous discipline of classical asana with the fluid transitions of modern vinyasa.  Sequences are intelligently designed to align the physical body while also fine-tuning the subtle effects of the breath.   Learn how the poses work, and let the poses work for you.  Learn about the breath, and let the breath work within you.

Jennifer’s articulate cues will enable students to explore each asana with clarity, strength and grace.   Her laid-back vibe will keep it real, and her uplifting spirit will keep it fresh.   Be sure to bring a towel and your sweet open mind.   You’ll build a juicy sweat – all in preparation for pranayama and meditation before you slip into a long, deep savasana.

“Awareness must be like the rays of the sun, expanding everywhere, illuminating all,” B.K.S. Iyengar says.

Expansive awareness is the true gift of the SmartFLOW® practice.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer was a student at New York University, earning a writing degree, when she came upon a yoga class in the basement of a church on the lower eastside of Manhattan.   The teacher’s name was “Life.”   There, in a candlelit room, with a handful of strangers known as fellow yogis, she felt a physical and spiritual grounding she had never before experienced. Through the coming years, she continued to practice with the group as it moved from the church to an expansive loft, eventually becoming the internationally-acclaimed Jivamukti Yoga School – led by David Life and Sharon Gannon.

As her writing career blossomed, she moved from New York City to San Francisco and eventually to Los Angeles.   Along the way, she explored various styles of yoga with several master teachers – Ashtanga with Chuck Miller; Iyengar with Maty Ezraty and Leeann Carey; meditation with Erich Schiffman, restoratives with Judith Lasater, and most currently, SmartFLOW® with Annie Carpenter.

Jennifer is also the author of two books – a collection of short stories, “Better Get Your Angel On,” and a memoir, “Fifth Quarter:  the Scrimmage of a Football Coach’s Daughter.”  Her journalism has appeared Rolling Stone, the New Republic, the New York Times Magazine, Byliner, and PLAY.   More recently, Jennifer was on-air reporter for National Football League Network.   Last year, she hosted an Emmy-nominated documentary produced by NFL Films.   Whether interviewing a football player in the intimacy of a locker room or sitting down to talk with a prisoner in the San Francisco city jail, yoga has remained the anchor of her creative life.

In 2007, Jennifer created yoga • athlete – a training program designed for athletes with specific regards to the demands of their sport.  Since then, she has worked with football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, and lacrosse teams.

As the daughter of a head coach in the National Football League, Jennifer grew up with a deep appreciation of athletes of all sports.  And she brings that knowledge onto the mat – guiding athletes through sessions that are physically grounding and mentally relaxing.

A 500 RYT, Jennifer is an Advanced SmartFLOW® Graduate.  She has a B.A. in English Literature, an M.A. in Creative Writing, and a PHD in being a mom three energetic sons!   She and her family have loved living in the South Bay since 1997.



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