Jeff Masters and Arin Thrine

jeff&arinChaturanga Breakdown

A fundamental component of vinyasa practice, chaturanga is one of the most challenging and incorrectly executed asanas. Repetitive misalignment while performing chaturanga can eventually lead to discomfort, muscle imbalance and injury. Attention to proper alignment will prevent pain and injury and create a stronger more efficient chaturanga. We will discuss the anatomy of the asana, modifications and other movements to build up the strength for full chaturanga. Class will close with some soothing stretches for the shoulders, chest and upper back.


Class includes asana practice and some lecture.

Spinal Assessment & Assists

The spine (Meru Danda) is the core or foundation of the human body. It is the origin of the nerves and plexus that feed the organ systems in the body and houses the energetic structures of the Cakras and the primary Nadis or energy pathways.

Throughout this session we will experience the functional anatomy of the spine, review methods of spinal assessment, and deconstruct asana to identify common ‘failure’ points that cause torsion and compression. We will address common compensations and explore different prop-based supports and assists that can relieve spinal compression, subluxation and ultimately nerve impingement.

Class is mostly lecture with some asana practice and hands-on assessment and assists with partners.

About Jeff:

Jeff_HS_webJeff Masters LMT, E-RYT, NASM-CPT, Msc. (Hon.), visionary healer and teacher, has been researching consciousness and the human energy field for over 30 years. In that time he has studied with some of the most luminous minds in the fields of mind/body science including Marcel Vogel (IBM & Psychic Research Inc.), Paul St. John (St. John’s Neuromuscular Therapy), Rama Jyoti Vernon (International Yoga College) and Vasant Lad BAMS, MASc. (The Ayurvedic Institute). A student of yoga since childhood, Jeff’s experiences range from early exposure to Aṣṭānga Yoga and meditation to the exploration of yoga’s foundational Vedic texts and the integration of ancient principles with modern science and medicine. From hands on bodywork to classroom based lecture and instruction, Jeff’s students share one thing in common: an unwavering commitment to their journey along the path of self-discovery and personal transformation. Jeff is the founder of Thunder Mountain Wellness, a Sedona based facility dedicated to vibrant health, wellness and the realization of the fully actualized human potential and co-founder of The Shiva Shack: A Yoga Sanctuary in Cottonwood, Arizona.


About Arin:ArinHead

Arin has been a student, teacher and practitioner of yoga and bodywork for 13 years. First hand experience with the transformative and healing power of both began her quest to bring these arts to all people. She believes that work on the physical body directly affects the deeper aspects of our being and is therefore an invaluable tool for personal growth and transformation.

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