Jason Scholder

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Go with the Flow

Start off slow and go with the flow. The Three Minute Eggs® will never leave your hands and they will forever deepen your practice.  After you reach the top of the mountain you’ll be invited to balance there and admire the view.

Find the Asana in You

Rediscover your standing postures from the ground up in this playful and powerful standing series with the Three Minute Egg®. Learn the fundamentals of Eggcentric yoga and return to the principals of alignment that will support your entire practice and awaken the asanas in you.

About Jason:

Having practiced yoga for years but often in discomfort, Jason created his ergonomic yoga block to help him practice without pain.  In collaboration with numerous master yoga teachers, he has developed and continues to refine The Art of Andasana – Yoga with the Three Minute Egg®.   Jason now travels the world teaching 3ME workshops to yoga teachers and practicing yogis.  These workshops are open to all levels, have a strong focus on alignment and introduce many unique applications of the Egg in a variety of yoga styles.  Jason has a safe and playful style of teaching and a lot ways to use Eggs!


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